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About PromoteFans

PromoteFans is a performance based adult advertising network. Adult content creators and models use PromoteFans to gain new subscribers and build their brand.

Non-content creators join PromoteFans to promote Onlyfans models. They buy traffic to promote Onlyfans models and they get paid when a new subscriber subscribes to models on Onlyfans.

Fully Managed Ad Campaigns

We provide fully managed and automated ad campaigns for Promoters. We simplify the process for our users. Promoters only have to set up a campaign and assign a budget to the campaign. We handle ad placement, ad targeting, optimization and other technical aspects of the ad.

Sex sells. Always!

Join over 40,000 other users to promote Onlyfans models.

Supported Platforms


We support Onlyfans. Get access to promote thousands of models and content creators on Onlyfans and get paid daily.


We support models providing live cam and adult entertinment on LiveJasmin. Promoters can create ad campaigns to promote LiveJasmin models.


We support models and content creators providing adult entertainment content on Patreon. Promoters can create ad campaigns to promote Patreon content creators.

How It Works

PromoteFans works in 3 simple steps

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After signing up, login to your account and create ad campaigns to promote Onlyfans models.

The ad campaigns are automated and fully managed for you.

Earn Daily

Your ad campaigns will drive new subscribers to Onlyfans models. As they subscribe, you are paid $1.30 per new subscriber.

Withdraw your earnings anytime using Bitcoins.

Why people love us

Fixed CPA $1/conversion

Features of our ad campaigns:

  • CPA based pricing model.
  • You pay only when a new person subscribes to a model's Onlyfans page.
  • No charges for clicks or views.
  • CPA rate is fixed. $1 per conversion.
  • Create ad campaigns anonymously. No personal data needed

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Benefits for users:

  • Fully managed and automated ad campaigns.
  • No ad placement or technical knowledge needed.
  • Create ad campaigns anonymously. No personal data needed
  • We accept payment in Bitcoins . Users pay anonymously using Bitcoins
  • Earnings for new subscribers are credited to users accounts daily. Withdraw anytime with Bitcoins.
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